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Gapless iTunes Tutorial

"Copy a CD (with live material, for example) to a single AAC file w/ embedded Track info for duplication with iTunes or listening truely gapless on a modern iPod."



Localization Suite

"The blue-tec Localization Suite is a collection of three small yet powerful applications to help developers create and maintain localizations of their products. It's the premier toolset for developers who wish to offer more than one language per application." unter MacOSX, Linux & Co. betreibt seit einiger Zeit das Internetradio Leider bieten sie den Stream nur als WindowsMedia-Schrott an. Über den Link mms://$01 kann man den Stream auch mit VLC abspielen.



Chmox - a Mac OS X CHM viewer

Chmox: "Read your CHM documents on your Mac."



Technical Q&A QA1312: Bonjour service types used in Mac OS X

"The following table lists the various Bonjour service types being used in Mac OS X. Bonjour service types are based on IANA's list of protocol names and port numbers."




"Scribus/Aqua is a working, but unfinished port of Scribus to a native Aqua build using Qt for MacOSX."

2005-07-14 - Use Google to Find Free eBooks (Electronic Books)

"Google will easily show you all those ebooks that are hanging out there for free!" - Use Google to Find Free MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, and Other Music Files

"People leave music files in unprotected directories all of the time. Here's how to get to them."



Creating .dmg images on Mac OS X

"Apple encourages developers to distribute applications that don't require an installer as disk image (.dmg) files. These allow users to drag the files from a 'virtual' disk volume to the location where they would like to have them on their hard drive."


GNUstep Images Applications Project

"The goal of this project is to provide a set of tools, frameworks and applications based on the GNUstep framework."


Karelia Software's Cocoa Open Source

"A random collection of useful bits of Cocoa, as found in Watson and in other sundry Karelia applications and testbeds. Feel free to adapt these for use in your Cocoa applications."


CocoaDev: NSTextViewAsWiki

"I'm just diving into the NSTextView and I'd like to write a small wiki type system (very similar to VoodooPad actually but with a few twists). I believe I get how I'd actually convert all WikiNames? to links, but I'm not real sure where in the pipeline to place this code? I'm assuming for efficiency this should really by done by watching text as it's typed and adding the link attributes as needed. Which delegate would be appropriate for basically watching the text as it is typed? Or, is there a better way?"



Live 8

"These are the AOL video clips from the Live 8 concert series from July 2nd."



Tip: Saving Live 8 videos from AOL | MacMegasite

"AOL's video player window doesn't allow you to save movies to disk, and most other methods of downloading movies won't work, so here's a method I found that works.

First, 'view source' in the video player window. Near the bottom of the source window, you'll see a line like:


Copy the entire URL from that line (which may be split into more than one line. Next, open a terminal window and type: curl ' (note a single quote here). Paste in the URL you copied and type '> and a filename you wish to save it in. The quicktime movie file will be downloaded and will be playable as a self-contained movie."

Quelle: MacMegasite (Tip: Saving Live 8 videos from AOL | MacMegasite)



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